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“Flying on Michael’s trike was nothing like being in an airplane. No metal and glass separated me from the wind in my face. Skimming over the beach like a seagull, waving down at thrilled children, circling over misty redwood forests - there can’t be much in life better than that.”
– Heather Davis

“Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!”
– Melissa Lawrence

“AWESOME, can't wait to fly again. Michael is the best!!! Michael is a great pilot.”
– Brad Kotsaris

“Smooth as silk. Like butter. Beyond my wildest dreams. Merci Beaucoup!!!”
– Brookelynn Morris

“Excellent time Michael. Hope to do it again soon.”
– Drew Buechley

“Fantastic experience. Everyone needs to do this.”
– Tom Atkin, 56, Novato, CA

“Will be sending you pilots. Nicknaming you: The Dancing Pilot, a bien tot.”
– Diane Whitney, 49, Grass Valley, CA

“Loved it!!! Can't wait to do it again!!! Thank You!”
– Alexa Kelly, 23, Fairfield, CA

“I had a great time . . . will be back.”
– Floyd Kelly, 23, Travis Air Force Base, CA

“Wow - these Canadians know how to fly!”
– Caroline Paul

– Thomas Herold, 47, Fairfax, CA

“Thanks for a great flight, what a way to start the day!”
– Paul Cawsey, 67, Petaluma, CA

“Awesome! Thank you!!”
– Claire Gago, 39, Petaluma, CA

“Really great fun!”
– David Armour, 38, St. Alban, UK

“Great landings!!”
– Ellen Kim, 37, San Francisco, CA

“Great trip - Awesome views - Adrenaline adventure - Nice flying, Michael!”
– Scott Taylor, 50, St. George, Utah

“Terrific!! Michael is a true pro! Loved it! Thank you!”
– Jenny Gago, 68, La Canada, CA

“It was more fabulous than I had envisioned it would be.”
– Laura Giraud, 50, Petaluma, CA

“Amazing! Thank you so much for the wonderful experience.”
– Andrea Ginn, 28, Atlanta, GA

“Excellent flight. I will recommend highly to my friends and family. Thanks very much.”
– Daniel McShane, 40, Monterey, CA

“Awesome, safe, and the perfect Valentines Day gift!”
– Ronna Stone, 50, San Francisco, CA

“Great, would do it again. Awesome pilot.”
– Cameron Baldi, 12, Seattle, WA

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